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inVision, April 2015 – Edition 03/2015

Linescan applications are getting more and more used in the image processing business. Until now, lenses for this applications were more or less modifications of standard telecentric lenses with just bigger diameters on the sensor side. Keeping the round design is of the standard lens is not the best solution when space is an issue. Since the linescan sensor only uses a small center region of the lens, Opto Engineering optimized the design to a rectangular form. In combination this compatible mirrors, Opto Engineering puts the user in the position to build very flexible and space saving setups. This is helpful when integrating visions systems in already existing production lines with limited space or designing compact desktop measurement devices. This revolutionary design has no negative influence on the optical performance and fulfills any of the high Opto Engineering standards.

Space-saving TC Optics for linescan applications

Die Kompaktheit ist im industriellen Umfeld eine zentrale Forderung an das Design und die Auslegung von Bildverarbeitungssystemen. Diese Anforderung besteht natürlich auch bei Objektiven mit telezentrischem Design, wobei hier die Gesetze der Optik einige Parameter fest definieren. Die Frontlinse einer telezentrischen Optik wird z.B. immer größer sein als das letztendlich erfasste Bildfeld.

Flach statt rund – Flache telezentrische Objektive für 4k-Zeilenkameras

 invision  Edition 03/2015

Posted on 1 June, 2015

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