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Mirrors, beam splitters, protective windows and coaxial telecentric assemblies

The last product range update brought an array of tools to create complex illumination geometries. The CMBS 45° beam splitters divide incoming light in two separate beams: by allocating one beam to a TC telecentric lens and the other to a LTCLHP illuminator you get an easy and effective coaxial illumination setup. This type of illumination is commonly used to emphasize defects on plain reflective objects such as glass panels or metal sheets.

TCCXQ telecentric / coaxial assembly

A coaxial setup with TC lens and LTCLHP illuminator imaging a steel surface through a CMBS beam splitter


This kind of setup can be conveniently purchased as a pre-configured TCCXQ optical assembly, the perfect system for high-accuracy measurement applications and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) tasks.

CMMR first surface mirrors provide a 90° angle reflection in the light path, useful in space-constrained environments.

CMMR application setup

A CMMR mirror combined with a telecentric lens.


WI protective windows can be deployed to shield delicate optical elements from dust, debris and hazards that can impact performance and create serious damage to the products.

WI window and CMWF holder

Posted on 24 December, 2014

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